The Dugullumba Times is the official Quarterly Journal of the Logan River and District Family History Society and was first published in February 2007.

We wanted a name for our journal that would link to an area of Logan City and after speaking with members of our local Aboriginal Community it was suggested we use Dugullumba, which means "place of the hornet" and is linked to part of the Logan River at Eagleby.

Our journal has stories written by our members, these contributions are about their family history, their search for a hard-to-find ancestor, and also articles about facets of local history. Each year a trophy, the Helen Kent Memorial Shield, is given to the writer of the best story published.

The journal also lists the new additions to our library as well as important dates, upcoming events and general news.

Issue No. 41 Nov 2016 (download here 1.4Mb)

Hobbs Family Immigration by Diane Schulz

Emigrating from Scotland to South Africa by Anne Mitchell

Richard and Elizabeth (nee Slater) Popple by Graham Popple

A Trip from Plymouth to Adelaide on the Lightening by Heather Cuthbert

The Barque Bellissima by Elizabeth Lamb

The Queenslander 19th Dec 1868 - Logan and Albert District news

The Logan Murder, Empire newspaper, Sydney NSW, 27th Nov 1865. Rudolph Mornberger and Casper Schaig stood indicted that they wilfully and with malice aforethought, did kill and murder one Heinrich Bode. (part 1)

Things We Learn in our Research Journey; McNally family research (also mentions John Batman Young & Jackson Hotel, Portrait of Chloe, Sir Patrick Alfred Jennings) by Val Watson,

Issue 40, Nov 2016. (download here 1.8Kb)

Wedding of Augustinus Joseph Schulz and Phyllis May McPhee by Diane Schulz

Marriage of Johannes Ephraim Gilgren and Harriet Mary Elizabeth Williams by Heather Cuthbert

Marriage of Christopher Charles Belcher and Elsie Lily Hames by Heather Cuthbert

Marriage of Frank Lomman and Hertha Caroline Dorothea Axer by Heather Cuthbert

The Wedding of my parents, Ashley and Emma Armstrong by Elizabeth Lamb

Franz Baumann and Violet Ivy Schulz wedding by Diane Schulz

Marriage of William Clive Hamilton Cuthbert and Eve Mabel Williams by Heather Cuthbert

Worried about Cows in Dry Weather, Courier Mail 23rd Oct 1936

Family Holiday in Fiji by Heather Cuthbert

Brisbane Courier 26th July 1927, Kingston news

Brisbane Courier 23rd Feb 1927, Kingston news

Brisbane Courier 19th Sep 1928, article regarding Kingston United Sunday School

John Benjamin Hawkins by Val Watson

Pentonvillians by Val Watson

Suicide on Train (James Shaw), Daily Mercury, Mackay 13th Apr 1927.

Plunkett Costs the Country £44,000 per annum, Logan and Albert Advocate 23rd Sep 1893

The Queenslander 19th Dec 1868, Logan and Albert Districts news

Suicide on the Logan (Thomas Pownall), Telegraph 2nd Apr 1894

Attempted Murder and Suicide on the Upper Logan (Patrick Reynolds, Mrs Tilly) Logan Witness 18th Dec 1880

Opening of the Beenleigh Railway Station 25th July 1885.


Issue 39 August 2016  (download here 613Kb)

Our Society turns 15, by Glenys Prins, foundation member

The Beginning compiled by Glenys Prins

Celebrating 15 years by Elizabeth Lamb

Mother’s Day stories:

Dorothy Popple nee Smith by Graham Popple

Mum, Queenie Storey by Dianna Ottaway

My Mother by Anne Mitchell

My Grandma, Margaret Whelahan nee McGinness

My Nanna, Emma Jane Faulkner nee Hames by Heather Cuthbert

Issue No. 38 May 2016 (download here 580Kb)

Easter Monday at Beenleigh  (Brisbane Telegraph 1883)

Kingston State School celebrates 100 years by Elizabeth Lamb

Memories of School Days at Kingston by Elizabeth Lamb

School Days in Scotland and South Africa by Anne Mitchell

Primary School Days of Heather Cuthbert

School Days by Heather Radley

Memories of School Days - Maroochy River State School by Diane Schulz

Luck of the Irish by Val Watson

Queensland Open House (details)

The Floods of 1887 (Brisbane Courier 1887)

Weddings (Beauy Times 1931)

Vale Keith Schmidt 1930-2016


Issue No. 37, February 2016  (download here 636Kb)

Helen Kent Memorial Shield Awards 2015,

My Father, Ashley Armstrong, a father's day story - by Elizabeth Lamb

Family Tree, song lyrics - story by Val Watson

Time Machine - by Anne Mitchell

Beth Carolilne Newman (Beibling) - by Esma King

Emigrants search for old Ottos - by Brian Otto

Eureka, Barnsley family, part 2 - by Lesley Barnsley

Newspaper snippets from 100 years ago

The Band of Burning Bapaume - QSA blog

Ring-a-ring o'rosie - by Frances Sarson



Issue No. 36, November 2015  (download here 1.03Mb)


Bereavement Notice - Mary Sinclair

My Dad Fixed Everything, father's day story - by Dianna Ottaway

Eureka, the Barnsley Family, part 1 - by Lesley Barnsley

William Clive Hamilton Cuthbert, father's day story - by Heather Cuthbert

Hieronymus Schulz, father's day story - by Diane Schulz

Thoughts on Family History and Dementia - by Anne Mitchell

Causes of Death, cont., with kind permission of Ellen McCutcheon

Athol Roy Purdie, father's day story - by Terri Gellatly

Dad & Uncle, Laurie and Colin Cornelie, father's day story - by Val Watson

Alexander James Lush, My Dad, father's day story - by Heather Radley

Charles Kingston - early pioneer




Issue No. 35, August 2015 (download here 900Kb)


Melville Douglas Lomman, Father's Day story

Soldiers from Navigators Honoured by Carmel Hubert

Private Edmund Donnelly, WWI Soldier

A Humorous Donnelly Story

Roy Bell, Aerial Photographer, Mechanic WWI

Early Ferries

Pericles George Baker, WWI Soldier

In Time and Place, conference details

Causes of Death, continued, with kind permission from Ellen McCutcheon

Researching your family tree, by Anne Mitchell

Private William George Armstrong, WWI Soldier

Lady Teviot Seminar, Part 3- Workhouses, by Graham Popple


Issue 34, May 2015 (download here 1.8Mb)


Lady Teviot Seminar  Part 2 by Graham Popple

Henry Edward Forde

You Wouldn't Hit a Man with Glasses, Henry Weaber, story by Robin Gill

One of many Ancestral Lines, by Pam Hayes

Postal Communication, Moreton Bay Courier 1852.

Causes of Death, with kind permission from Ellen McCutcheon

William Black, WWI Soldier

Ernest Edward Storey, WWI Soldier

Private Frederick Benjamin Frank Faulkner, WWI Soldier

"Said Hanrahan", poem by Aussie Bush Poet John O'Brien


Issue 33, February 2015. (download here 1.3Mb)


Lady Teviot seminar report

Frank Popple by Graham Popple

Templar Family from Somerset by Val Watson

Your Name, a poem by Edgar A Guest, submitted by Graham Popple

Family Research, a poem written by Anne Mitchell






Issue 31. August 2014.  (download here 405Kb)


James Raymond, our first Postmaster General

Aphrasia Raymond

Janice's Story, Janice Halyday

The Story of Mary Bryant, Jeanette Cross.

Logan Pioneers

The Outback Trail, a poem by B. G. Lamb


Issue 30. May 2014.  (download here 1.29Mb)


Teresa Josephine Dunne, obituary

Bethania Pioneers

Article from Logan Witness, March 1880, reports on mills and sugar plants in the area.

My Family's Logan Connection, Lynette McMillan

Keeping the Bonds Strong, Elizabeth Lamb

Ancestor Poem, anon.



Issue 29. Feb 2014.  (download here 852Kb)

Articles by Members:

            Tom Popple 1859 – 1929

            War Records – Trooper Thomas Gilbert

            100 Years Ago – the Weaver Family

            Have I Hit the Jackpot? (Edith Alice Rady)

            Dairy Farm to Cellar Door; (Oppermans’ Cottage)

            Annie Eileen Lamb – some of her recollections

            The Life and Times of Thomas Hampton


Issue 28. Nov 2013.  (download here) (1Mb)

Articles by Members:

            William Hardie and Jessie Stoddart

            Visitation of God (William Brudenell)

            A War Time Adventure in the Tropics, (the Nuginco)

            George Weston