Library Rules

Research sessions will be on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9.30am until 1.30pm.

  1. No one is permitted into the research room until the Society Research Room is officially opened by the rostered librarian.
  2. All bags to be placed in the lockers provided.
  3. Pencils only to be used in the research area.
  4. Non-members will be charged $10.00 per day to use our facilities.
  5. Members may borrow books that are marked with a green sticker, magazines and journals from the Society's Research Library.
  6. Researchers must use a marker to show location of item removed.
  7. All items borrowed have to be signed out in the "Loans Book" by the Librarian in charge on the day the items are taken out.
  8. The loan period is two weeks from the date the item is borrowed, or a later date specified by a member of the executive committee.
  9. All black photocopies will be charged at 20 cents per copy and colour copies at 40 cents per copy.  Rostered room attendants do not pay for research copies on that day.
  10. Blank USB Sticks are available for purchase from the Society at a cost of $7.00.
  11. The Society reserves the right to inspect the researcher's personal items before leaving the Library.
  12. Food and drink may only be consumed in the kitchen area and away from any resources.
  13. Members must clean used utensils and leave the area in a presentable manner at the end of a work session. Attention should be especially paid to the kitchen, floor and waste water removal.
  14. Any injuries or incidents must be recorded in the Library Diary.  Any supplies taken from the First Aid Kit  should be recorded in the notebook in the kit.