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All positions are voluntary.

The colours of the Society are light blue and dark blue.

Voting Rights

Each member of the society shall be entitled to one vote.

Associate Members and Honorary Members have no voting rights at General or Annual General Meetings of the Society.


Provisional membership of the membership class applied for is extended to all applicants for membership, until such time as the application is processed in accordance with the Constitution.

The membership fees shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

The membership fees shall be payable at a time determined by the Executive Committee.

In order to maintain a continuous membership with the Society, the yearly membership fee must be paid by 30 June. The committee may accept late payments at their discretion.

The Constitution and By-Laws are available on our website to new members or member families, those new members who cannot access the internet will have a copy of the Constitution and the By-Laws posted to them.


History Queensland Inc. shall negotiate on behalf of society’s Public Liability Insurance through a broker. The underwriting insurance company will be determined by the broker each year. Additional insurance, such as contents and/or building insurance may also be arranged.

Composition of Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Society shall be comprised of minimum six persons and maximum of 12 persons including the offices of President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Appendix 1 lists the current Executive Committee.

Job Descriptions have been set down in these By-Laws, and are the responsibility of those elected at the AGM or appointed to that position by the committee.

No single person has the right or authority to do anything without prior authorisation from the Committee. Duties are the responsibility of the appointee, unless for reasons the Committee has to appoint a replacement.


Executive Committee meetings shall be held monthly when and wherever the committee decides depending on best available times for the committee members.

Attendance at an Executive Committee meeting may be in person or by Skype.

General meetings will be held monthly except for January on alternating Thursdays and Saturday’s beginning at 9.30 am at the Kingston Butter Factory.

The Annual General Meeting is held on the first Saturday in August following the August General meeting.

Bank Accounts

The Society’s accounts will be held with the Bendigo Bank

The main branch being Bendigo Bank Beenleigh

Two accounts are to be used;

A working, or cheque account;

A special projects account (trust account).

The treasurer, or other authorised officer designated by the treasurer, will access both accounts on-line and print out the statements required immediately prior to any Executive Meeting.

Authorised Signatures

A payment by the Society must be signed by any 2 of the following;

                a)   the Treasurer

                b)   the Secretary

                c)   the President

               d)   plus two others nominated by the Executive Committee

Note: Any of the authorised officers may access the account details on-line but do not have the ability/authority to carry out any transactions on-line.

Common Seal

The Society’s Common Seal shall be held by the Secretary for use by the Executive Committee as required.

The Mail Box

The procedure for picking up or processing mail: Secretary or designated committee member collects mail and distributes as appropriate after entering incoming mail in the correspondence book.

The Web Site

The Society shall maintain a web site:

The Society Web-Master shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting. The current copy of the Society Constitution and the By-Laws will be made available on the Society website.

Reimbursement of Expenses

Executive Committee Members shall be entitled to be reimbursed for expenses incurred in carrying out their duties as members of the committee.

All claims for reimbursement of expenses will be submitted on the form as depicted in Appendix 2 to these By-Laws and include purpose, location, date, and if applicable, distance in kilometres. Any supporting receipts are to be attached to the claim form.

Society Property

All items belonging to Logan River & District Family History Society Inc. are held in the Society’s room or the storage area at the Kingston Butter Factory and are to be listed on the Inventory form shown as Appendix 3 to these By-Laws.

A register shall be maintained for all Society property and kept in the Society Rooms.

A loan book of Society’s property will also be maintained and kept in the Society’s Rooms. The Rostered Librarian will authorise the lending of material or equipment.

Society Research Room

No one is permitted into the research room until the Society Research Room is officially opened by the rostered librarian

All resources are available for use by members free of charge and during Work Sessions.

Members may only use the resources and the Research Room on times outside work sessions by appointment.

The President or Rostered Librarians have control of the Research Room and their directions must be followed.

All members and visitors must sign the attendance book and pay any applicable fee before using the facilities.

No visitors should be left unattended in the Research Room.

Any member or visitor found to be breaking Library Rules (as annexed), behaving unethically or disrespecting Society property will be asked to leave the rooms.

Any disrespectful or aggressive behaviour towards persons or Society property in the rooms or at a Society event will not be tolerated. The member or visitor will be required to leave. If the behaviour persists, Rule 10.3(d) of our Constitution will be applied.

No pets or animals (except for assistance animals) are allowed into the Research Room for safety and health reasons.

Any fees collected by Librarians must be receipted and placed in a labelled envelope in the petty cash tin for collection by the treasurer.

Any complaint by a member about another member must be in writing and addressed to the secretary.

Any injuries or incidents must be recorded in the Library Diary. Any supplies taken from the First Aid Kit should be recorded in the notebook in the kit.

Appendix 1.                                        Office Bearers 2017 to 2018.

President                                             Terri Gellatly

Secretary                                             Graham Popple

Treasurer                                             John Burrows

Committee                                           Lindsay Barnett

Committee                                           Pam Hayes

Membership Secretary                       Esma King

Committee                                           Rob Thomson

Other Officers:

Librarian                                              Heather Cuthbert

Guest Speaker Liaison                       Elizabeth Lamb

IT and Web Admin                              Dianna Ottaway


                       Appendix 2

 Claim for expenses

















Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      

Address or Membership No. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  

I hereby certify that the above items were purchased on behalf of Logan River & District Family History Society Inc.

Signed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Appendix 3.                                        Inventory




Job Descriptions


Keep an eye on the day to day running of the Society

Give a written report on the day to day running of the Society and any meetings or functions the President has attended on behalf of the Society and any other Society business that the President has been involved in at General Meetings and Annual General Meeting.

Attend functions on behalf of the Society whenever practical or arrange for the Vice-President or another Executive member to attend when the President is unable to do so. When permitted to do so, take along the Vice-President to these meetings or when the Vice-President is unavailable, another member of the Executive Committee.

Promote the Society whenever possible

Attend meetings with Council, Members of Parliament, other Societies or companies when needed. If unable to do so arrange for the Vice-President or another Executive member to attend in his place. When permitted to do so, take along the Vice-President to these meetings or when the Vice-President is unavailable another member of the Executive Committee.

Give any correspondence (written or email) received by the President to the Secretary.

Give a copy of any correspondence written (including emails) by the President to the Secretary.


The Secretary should send each Member an agenda for an upcoming General Meetings to arrive at the Member’s Home at least three days before the Meeting is to be held.

The Secretary should send each member of the Executive Committee an agenda for upcoming Executive Meetings to arrive at the home of the Executive Member at least three days before the Meeting.

The Secretary should attend as many General and Executive Meetings as possible to take Minutes of these meetings.

If unavailable to attend any General or Executive Meeting, then the Secretary should appoint another member of the Society to take the Minutes of the Meeting.

The Secretary should send a copy of the minutes of the Meetings within seven days of the Meeting being held, either by email or for those not on the Internet then by post.

The Secretary should keep an up to date list of all Members, with either their email address or postal address, to be able to send notices to Members. This is supplied by the Membership Secretary.

The Secretary should write to any Member, person, company or other Society when requested to do so at any General or Executive Meeting.

The Secretary should send each member a copy of minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting, an agenda for the current Annual General Meeting, a proxy voting form, a nomination form, and any other paperwork deemed necessary to hold the Annual General Meeting, to arrive at the Member’s home at least three weeks before the Annual General Meeting.

The Secretary is responsible for the Society’s mail:

Pick up the mail at the post office at least twice a week, (or appoint another Committee Member)

Open the mail, record and distribute same appropriately,

All Society correspondence should be given to the Secretary to write and post; exceptions are emails for meeting, fundraising requests and similar discussions.


  • To collect, receipt and record all monies received by the Society and bank the money, ASAP.
  • Pay authorised expenses; recording and keeping paperwork, invoices, etc.
  • Maintain an accounting system that reflects all monies received and spent, and report same on a weekly basis to the Committee.
  • Report to the Society a true account of financial position at General Meetings by presenting an up-to-date financial report with YTD figures, bank reconciliation and current bank statement.
  • Up-to-date copy of financial report, bank reconciliation and bank statement to be kept on file in the Society Room, and be made available for members.
  • Maintain a float of $50.00 at the Society Room and top up as necessary.
  • Keep a record of float money used, keeping receipts and paperwork.
  • Pay authorised expenses out of float.
  • The maximum is $35 for any single reimbursement, items over this amount should be paid by cheque.
  • Maintain the Asset Register.
  • Collate all material required by Accountants for yearly audit of accounts.
  • Present yearly audit to the Annual General Meeting.

Vice President

Assist President to keep an eye on the day to day running of the Society.

Attend functions or meetings on behalf of the Society whenever the President is unable to do so and take another member of the Executive Committee.

Promote the Society whenever possible.

Co-ordinate and oversee Research Requests by Members and Non-Members.

Membership Secretary

Collect Membership Forms from New Members, and write receipt.

Pass on money from New Members to Treasurer for banking.

Update Membership List on computer.

Pass on contact address, email address and telephone number to Journal Editor for distribution of the journal; and to the Website Administrator for creation of new user account.

Create Membership card, and New Members Pack if required to be posted (all forms including By Laws and Constitution are available on the website).

Email or write a welcome message to new Members.

Encourage members to send Pedigree Form and Members Interest Forms to Secretary.

Investigate ways to increase membership by raising awareness of our society as opportunities arise, e.g. membership drives at local shopping centres, letterbox drops, displays at local events, etc.

Pick up the mail from the post office twice weekly if appointed by the Secretary or the Committee; open, record in the correspondence book, and distribute as appropriate.

Membership Packages:

Letter welcoming Member to the Society

Copy of latest Newsletter

Members Interest List

Forms for collating Genealogical Information.

Pedigree Chart (Form LRDFHS 001)

Family Group Sheet (Form LRDFHS 002)

Research Log (Form LRDFHS 003)

Correspondence Record (Form LRDFHS 004)

Contact Details (Form LRDFHS 005)

Source Records (Form LRDFHS 006

Members Interest Sheet (Form LRDFHS 009)

Guest Speaker Liaison

Liaise with members to ascertain Guest Speaker preferences.

Research Guest Speakers and their availability.

Liaise with potential Guest Speakers regarding date, topic of presentation, transport and special requirements (i.e. projectors, wheelchair access).

Extend official invitation to Guest Speaker, either by email or post.

Choose or select gift suitable for the Speaker.

Meet the Guest Speaker on day of meeting and ensure that the equipment they require is set-up properly.

On the day of the meeting, be responsible for the welfare of the Speaker; formally introduce the Speaker and thank them at the end; and present gift.

Advertise details of Guest Speakers in Australian Family Tree Connection, on our website (advise web admin) and any other suitable publication or website.

Duty Librarian:

Liaise with Members regarding new research material to be obtained, keeping a list of same

Organise the purchase of research material as authorised by the Executive Committee.

Ensure all new library items are accessioned and shelved in a timely manner, keeping the item highlighted in the catalogue to indicate a new acquisition (thus allowing these items to be advertised in the Journal).

Receive all donated items for the library, accessioning as required.

Keep a record of donated items and the donor, so acknowledgement can be made.

Any duplicated items to be put aside for sale or donation to another Family History Society as deemed by the Executive Committee.

Keep a check on borrowed books and follow up late returns.

Display new journals and books in a prominent place so that members can see them.

Use Library diary to record progress of cataloguing, acquisitions, indexing, etc.

Keep library tidy; ensuring that the kitchen area is left tidy at the end of the day.

Any injuries or incidents must be recorded in the Library Diary. Any supplies taken from the First Aid Kit should be recorded in the notebook in the kit.

Oral Historian

Canvass or liaise for suitable interview candidates.

Contact candidate to request an interview.

Conduct a primary interview to assess questions and answers, and to prepare the candidate.

Record conducted interview after copyright form is signed.

Take photos of candidate and of other relevant material e.g. family tree.

Transcribe interview

Provide CD of recorded interview and printed copies of transcription and photos to candidate, to the Society to be filed and to Logan City Library Local Studies Section, if applicable.

Provide a liaison between this section, the candidate and the Society.

Grant’s Officer

Be guided by Management Committee as to needs related to a grant application.

Investigate available grants as to suitability.

Compile and forward grant application.

If accepted, ensure the legalities of the grant are carried out.

On completion, return acquittal or evaluation forms.

Publicity Officer

Responsible for but may delegate or ask assistance for the following tasks:

Society pamphlet copying and distribution to Libraries, Information Centres, etc.

Society representation in relevant newspapers and magazines both online and print as well as community websites.

Prepare displays, both static and manned at fairs, libraries etc.

Review emails from the President or the Committee asking for displays at relevant events; and investigate same.

Involve Members by providing knowledge of and inviting participation in display events and advising website administration of events.

Journal Editor

Produce a quarterly Journal on behalf of the Society.

Journal to be named “Dugullumba Times”.

Ensure that the Journal is ready for distribution at the General Meetings of February, May, August and November.

Encourage members to write stories regarding their research for inclusion in the quarterly Journal.

All stories written by members that are included in the Journal will be eligible for the Helen Kent Memorial Shield.

Organise the selection of the best published story for the Helen Kent Memorial Shield, by submitting the stories to an independent and unbiased person for judging. The shield will be presented at the December General Meeting of the Society, or The Christmas Break-up Party. Organise suitable inscription.

Ensure that each member of the Society receive a copy of the Journal (one copy per address).

Create a PDF copy of the Journal for uploading to the website.

Send copies of the Journal to Societies that we have a “Journal exchange deal” with, either in digital or paper form.

Post copies to the Queensland State Library, Queensland Parliamentarian Librarian, National Library of Australia and the Local Studies Librarian at the Logan Central Library.

IT and Website Administrator

Computers, IT.

Oversee the running of the computers and other equipment as required:

Software and security program and updated in a timely manner.

Backups are regularly done.

PC maintenance is regularly performed (CCleaner, disk check, defrag, etc.)

Configure computers as required for Researchers and Indexers.

Generally assist with indexing projects and library cataloguing.

Use library catalogue to create PDF’s (or other format) to publish on the website.

Ensure other members know how to use the computers, external hard drive, etc.


Keep website updated to latest versions of Joomla and other extensions.

Upload events, library catalogues and other publications as they are created or updated.

Back-up website regularly, delete obsolete back-ups to save storage space.

Ensure other members know how to use the website.


Special Projects Officer

Make up a list of possible genealogical projects for the Society.

Present these projects to the General Meeting.

Organize a committee to run projects agreed on at General Meetings.

Chair committees of projects, arrange meetings.

Arrange for members to carry out projects. (E.g. research, data entry etc.)

Apply for grants for projects.

Keep records of activities.

Work to budget and complete project in a timely manner.

Collate copies of receipts for monies spent on projects.

Complete Acquittal paperwork and reports as required by the Granting Body.

Submit a report of the completed project to the General Meeting.